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Job Seekers

Submit your resume to begin your job search today!

Please send us a updated copy of your resume to Once submitted, one of our recruiters will contact you for the next step in this process.

Focus on advancing your career.

Ready to make a major career move or try a challenging new job?


Our experienced professionals can find the job that’s just what you are looking for.


At CEC you’re much more than your skills and work experience. Tell us your career goals, work environment preferences and interests. We speak your language and understand how to present opportunities that showcase your unique talents, fit your personality and allow you to take the next right step in your career.


  • Send us your resume.

  • Meet with us to discuss your skills, interests and goals.

  • Connect with area employers looking for someone just like you.


We’ll get you off on the right foot, taking care of all the details to ensure you make a smooth transition to your new opportunity.


Ready to get started?

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